creativity – our idea of fun

creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules ... and having fun

Feel good

ibloom works with dedication, passion and expertise – but that alone is not enough.

ibloom works with passion and has the desire to bring something across that goes beyond the project itself. We aim to make a contribution and to provide an example for all those who are outside of our narrow circle, in the world that surrounds us. The following principles fundamentally set us apart from others:

Focus on the customer,
accuracy, experience and
efficient cooperation

The customer is always the centre of our attention. After all, the key to success of the entire project lies in understanding the customer’s business we are supporting. We invest time and resources into the customer relationship and the development of joint strategies.

The partnership created in this manner is a guarantee for our concreteness in operational terms. For us, every project is unique, targeted and functional and it has always been our focus to work with the same level of dedication, the same quality, creating the optimal output for every one of our customers.

All this leads to a partnership that guarantees accuracy in the operational area. It goes without saying that we always work with the same level of dedication and offer the same quality and optimal results for all our customers.

The extensive experience we were able to gather through our work since the beginnings of New Media reflects in the efficiency and the result orientation of our strategies: both, in the form of communication and the thorough understanding of the corresponding instruments. We always keep a focus on the marketing aspect around the web and make sure that all instruments work together perfectly.

We attach great importance to a harmonious relationship with our customers with the aim of building pleasant and constructive relationships: This is our understanding of comfort, an indispensable element for achieving extraordinary results.